31 March 2003

Discipline, for your amusement

Annual reports from the Discipline Committee, a branch of href="http://www.princeton.edu/odus">The Office of the Dean of
Undergraduate Students:
| 2001
| 2000
| 1999]


  • "Two students were required to withdraw for one year each for
    defecating in an eating club kitchen."

  • "[S]erious penalties were imposed to students ... who
    impersonated a University official."

  • "Four students received penalties ranging from a dean's warning
    to one year of disciplinary probation for a variety of
    violations, such as ... sending a tasteless message to

    If that's a disciplinary violation, I've probably sent
    enough to qualify for jail time.

  • "Two students were put on one year of disciplinary probation,
    one for ... hiding a video camera in a bathroom."

Disclaimer: these are the exceptions to the rule, posted for your
amusement. The vast majority of my colleagues do not do this
sort of thing. As far as I know, at least.

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