01 September 2003

Photos from Reunions posted

I took these photos at
the end of May, but neglected to post them until now. My notes at the

Shot in the wee hours of the morning (1-2 am) at the second night of
the Fifth Reunion (class of 1998). One couple was kind enough to let
me use their room from which to take the high-altitude shots (though I
did get a bit carried away, and must have been there several minutes
when the wife remarked “I think you’ve got the establishing shots of
the crowd.” I thanked them profusely and left.

This CCD is not the best for low-light work. Even with the
aperture cranked open all the way, it still required unacceptably
long exposure times for me to take good shots without a tripod. [At
the time, I hadn’t discovered the camera’s ISO-adjustment
feature. Unfortunately, one pays a significant price in graininess if
one uses the feature (much greater than the graininess one incurs with
high-ISO chemical film.)]

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