03 December 2003

The Alcohol Numbers

The Clubs should really begin to include “non-trivial risk of being
busted by the Boro Police” in their officers’ job descriptions.

This time, the truncheon struck the president of href=“http://www.dailyprincetonian.com/archives/2003/12/02/news/9243.shtml”>Cap
and Gown who was, ironically, the sole undergraduate who gave an
address at the href=“http://www.dailyprincetonian.com/archives/2003/09/22/news/8562.shtml”>Assembly
on Integrity in September. (In all fairness to her, I know nothing
of her role in the incident —- she may not have even been at the
club, much less on duty, that evening.)

ODUS’s alcohol statistics are now germane. Below is a table of
punishments meted out for alcohol-related infractions. DW stands for
Dean’s Warning, and DP stands for the harsher Disciplinary Probation.

Year DW DP Total
1999 74 38 112
2000 27 27 54
2001 21 56 77
2002 32 76 108

While the numbers peaked in 1999, interestingly, that was primarily
because of the less-serious Dean’s Warnings. Disciplinary Probation
sentences have more than doubled since 2000.

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