13 April 2004

OMG!!!!!111!!1!!! Redux

Second in a series.

Another instance of
at Princeton! The
reports that a controversy has marred the contest for the ’06
presidential race:

It all started 1:39 p.m. Sunday, when Matt Mims ’06 sent an email
to Quadrangle Club’s email forum, requesting recipients to look at one
of Thompson’s recent campaign emails.

Mims specifically pointed out one sentence in Thompson’s email
—- “Let’s get chris lloyd Out of office” —- and argued that the
capital 'O’ in “Out” was a deliberate jab at Lloyd’s open
homosexuality, “telling us that this is a reason we should vote
against him.”

Within a few hours, a dozen emails were sent to the forum on the
topic, including one from Thompson and several from his friends,
who vigorously defended him and questioned Mims’
logic. Eventually, the flurry of emails died down, but feelings
are still raw on both sides.

Alex reminded me that this is a reprise of the alleged “fniger”
controversy on Slashdot, as
by Trollaxor.

Lastly we must not forget another thing that’ll cause
all-around general trolling mayhem on Slashdot: [Slashdot chief
editor Rob]
Malda’s detestable spelling habits. The one time he
was commenting on a story about disabling the finger server on UNIX
systems, he misspelled finger as fniger. WHOA. The whole Slashdot
community was up in arms over what was percieved as a barely hidden
racial slur. To “stop the fniger server” was taken to mean that blacks
shouldn’t be using Linux!!! What an idiot Rob Malda is, whether or not
the “fniger fiasco” was intentional. 5/5 of all story submissions that
day were trolls, and the signal to noise ratio mutated to 4:1
(troll:legit) for 3 days straight after.

It’s also the second

in the space of a few weeks that the Prince has covered trolling. Is a
trend emerging?

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