26 October 2004

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Shut Down Final Clubs


Final clubs are only the most direct representation of the patriarchy
structurally inherent at Harvard. The power dynamics between men and
women on a Friday night at the Spee are mirrored in the rest of life
on campus—-men speak more than women in class, students will have
more male professors, sexual assault happens and goes unreported and
men are likely to be much more financially successful after college,
in part because of the networks that final clubs enable.


Men have space and resources at Harvard. Women don’t. Where can
female students go to feel safe? Often, people propose getting a
student center, or even buildings for women’s clubs, as the best
solution. Yet though Harvard needs new social spaces, they cannot
coexist with final clubs. Women’s clubs not only have several
centuries of power and resources to catch up with, but they also
reinforce heterosexist gender binary and economic exclusiveness. While
elite male clubs exist, women cannot be equal anywhere on
Harvard’s campus.


Julia M. Lewandowski ’06, is a history and literature concentrator
in Dudley House. She is co-founder of SASSI-WOOFCLUBS, Students
Against Super Sexist Institutions – We Oppose Oppressive Final
Clubs. For more information about SASSI-WOOFCLUBS , e-mail

Sassy Woofclubs?

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