03 October 2004

Only at MIT, part 3

“Did you know that just under half of the men at MIT
pledge (i.e. join) a fraternity?” (rush.mit.edu)

  • “Each semester Theta Chi’s GPA is consistently among the highest of

all living groups.” —- Theta Chi

  • “...our house GPA is typically one of the highest among all

fraternities,” —- Nu Delta

  • “We have one of the highest GPAs of all fraternities at MIT...”

—- Chi Phi

  • “Our house GPA is consistently one of the top 5 on or off campus.”

—- Alpha Epsilon Pi

  • “For the past couple of years, we have maintained a grade point

average that is well above the all-men’s average, and one of the
highest on campus – a 4.47 on a 5 point scale.” —-
Phi Sigma Kappa

  • “With one of the largest varsity athlete populations on campus,

along with the 3rd best GPA on campus (4.4/5.0),...” —- Phi Delta Theta

  • “Yes, our GPA is significantly higher than the campus average, but

to us academics go beyond numbers.” —- Zeta Beta Tau

  • “Additionally, our house GPA is one of the best on campus.” —- Theta Xi

  • “...we’ve consistently had one of the highest GPAs on campus…”

—- Sigma Chi

  • “SigEp brothers consistently maintain a high house GPA...” —- Sigma Phi Epsilon

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