20 December 2004

I wonder if this is the joke issue

2004 President Resigns In Plagiarism Scandal

By Emily M. Craparo

Two months after their election to class of 2004 president and vice
president, Alvin M. Lin and Nikhil S. Gidwani resigned in the wake of
revelations that their campaign platform was largely plagiarized. The
positions remain vacant.

Gah. You should at least be creative with your empty promises and
cloying platitudes. (It’s not as though anyone’s going to call you on
them!) But here’s the best part:

Lin’s apology letter to the class of 2004, drafted to announce his
resignation, itself contained a sentence from President Clinton’s 1998
speech to the nation admitting an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

I wonder if Clinton wrote that sentence himself, or if an uncredited
speechwriter did.

(N.B.: 90% of this article is lifted from The Tech. Ha! —-Ed.)

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