22 March 2005

GSAS vote result

From: Benjamin G Lee
To: gradsdirect@deas
Subject: [gradsdirect] FW: poll results
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 21:06:11 -0500

Results of the GSAS vote on Larry Summers:

Total participants: 1543

1. I lack confidence in the leadership of Lawrence H. Summers.

Affirm – 608
Deny – 699
Abstain – 90
Need more information – 146

2. I regret the President’s mid-January statements about women in
science and the adverse consequences of those statements for individuals
and for Harvard; and also regret aspects of the President’s managerial
approach. I appreciate the President’s stated intent to address these
issues, and to seek to meet the challenges facing Harvard in ways that
are collegial and consistent with longstanding faculty and student
responsibilities in institutional governance.

Affirm – 945
Deny – 362
Abstain – 149
Need more information – 87

The first question is (at least) direct. I’m pleasantly surprised that
President Summers garnered a majority of the votes cast for a position
(rather than abstentions and NMI).

The second question is a mishmash of several questions that any useful
poll would separate; everybody who voted on it probably interpreted it

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