27 May 2005

Early impressions of Reunions 2005

I just noticed that this blog wasn’t negative enough. That’s easily fixed.

Reliving another private Princeton tradition: while hacking on
a broken program, struck with overwhelming urge to sleep. Something
about the sub-three-hours last night probably had something to do with
it. Threw coat over head, set alarm on phone, collapsed onto Frist
couch. Spent very little time wondering what the older alums would

Now I know what Gordon Zellaby felt: while elbowing
my way through a crowd of septuagenarian alums and their silent,
blank-staring, flaxen-haired grandchildren. Thankful that whatever the
admissions office means by “diversity” in a given year, it never
means more of these people.

Another miserable failure of the
: the marriage initiative.
Many of the older married alums are displaying tumor-like beer
guts. Can there be anything worse than an institution that apparently
encourages this? Maybe marriages, like laws, should require periodic
reaffirmations to remain in effect. (I can’t imagine that this crowd
sees much divorce; there’s too much money involved.) Whatever the social cost, it would force more people into the gym.

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