20 November 2005

Advice for New Americans

George Soros, the Hungarian financier who
former Malaysian PM and noted judeophobe Mahathir bin Mohamad blamed for the
Asian financial crisis, endowed the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships
for New Americans,
a fellowship for recent
immigrants and children of immigrants. I’m not eligible. But I have
some advice for people who are. In the first essay, you’re asked to
describe “activities you have undertaken that might give evidence of
creativity, accomplishment, and commitment to the values expressed in
the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights
.” My suggestion? Before
you write the essay, see as many trucker/biker movies as you
possibly can.
For starters, I recommend these classics:

— Mayhem and freight-hauling. A gold-star trucker gets coerced into
running weapons to save his family. Features Patrick Swayze, Meat
Loaf, and some of the most incredible 18-wheeler stunts I’ve ever seen.

Former Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth is an undercover
cop/player/unbelievably ripped biker sent to infiltrate a
white nationalist biker gang. Fight scenes are simply not to be missed, nor is the courthouse shootout at the end.

I can think of no more effective way to learn the applications of the
Constitution than these films, which touch on everything from the
second amendment to the Interstate Commerce Clause. They are
particularly recommended for immigrants from the E.U., who are less
likely to realize the need for constitutional protection of their
fundamental rights.

(Interested in more advice like this? Contact HPME Consulting,
care of yours truly, using the “Contact details” link at the

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