24 March 2006

Metal revisited

I’ve discussed death metal naming conventions before. But after reading a Wikipedia article, I couldn’t resist taking another swipe:

Relapse signed the band and issued a Pig Destroyer / Isis 7” (*Pig
Destroyer* covered the Carcass classics Genital Grinder and
Regurgitation Of Giblets) on the label’s Singles Series in July
2000. 38 Counts of Battery was released in 2000. This album was a
complete discography up until this point which included the remastered
tracks of Explosions in Ward 6, the demo, the tracks from the Isis
split, and more. Their latest release, Terrifyer, contains a 30 minute
DVD track entitled Natasha.

Guitarist Scott Hull is also a member of notable grindcore band
Agoraphobic Nosebleed and was at one point a member of
noisecore/grindcore icons Anal Cunt.

As David Thorpe put it:

The best part of this stuff is the band names, which sound like
ten-year-olds trying to name their secret no-girls-allowed clubs.

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