16 January 2007

Bleg! Bleg! Bleg!

My brother Davide’s soap opera “The Gates” made the semifinal round of
the SoapU contest. If you can spare a second, I’d love it if you could
help him out by voting for his episode. (Voting takes about three
seconds — you don’t actually have to watch the episode if you’re in a

To vote, just go to SoapU.com and click
the preview pic next to “The Gates; Columbia University; Davide
Barillari”. The show should start playing. You can click one of the
rating buttons below the video to vote for the episode. (I recommend a
“10”, but of course, I’m biased.)

I had some trouble with Firefox, but your mileage may vary — I have
some exotic extensions installed. Internet Explorer worked perfectly,

If you had a chance to vote, thanks!

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