18 June 2009

mean reversion

I used to blog here: http://barillari.org/blog. It was a cool setup: I used Blosxom in html-generation mode so that the posts were all static web pages, which meant no database, no scripting language, and no difficulty in porting to a new server. I never did figure out how to make caching work, so it took several minutes to regenerate the blog after each new post, but that didn't matter. I could monitor the traffic! And create graphs of it! Back in the day, Princeton used to put everyone's netid in their computer's hostname, so if you did a reverse-lookup on the IPs visiting, you could even tell who was reading your blog!

Then, sometime in 2007, I had a disk crash. I used the freezer trick (put the drive in a freezer, plug it back in, pray), which worked, but I must have forgotten to copy the heavily hacked blosxom script. I think I also forgot the scripts that generated the photo galleries at http://barillari.org/photos. In any event, I never did have the time/inclination to fix either.

That said, I've fought with enough silly tech problems that I thought I ought to put the solutions where Google can find them. I had to give up all of the cool tracking features of the old blog but, honestly, I can't say that I care. Expect only nerd content here. Enjoy.

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