27 July 2009


If you ever have the occasion to install Dell's OpenManage Printer Manager on Windows, note that it may screw up your Cygwin installation -- if it does, cygwin will complain about a shared-memory library version mismatch. I fiddled with the PATH environment variable (Start->Control Panel->Classic View->System->Advanced System Settings->Environment Variables), but I either didn't correct it properly or that wasn't the problem.

I tried movin the c:\program files\dell directory out of the way, but something prevented me from doing so, even after I shut down the OMPM service. Finally, I just uninstalled the thing.

But it wasn't going to go quietly: when I launched Cygwin again, I got the message "bash.exe warning could not create /tmp".


The first Google hit to that phrase was this forum post, which suggested running cygwin setup. I ran it, reset the root directory from the directory Dell had used to c:\cygwin, and breezed through the install prompts. It started downloading the base packages again, so I assumed that it didn't see the directory, and stopped it. I then restarted, changed "Install from Internet" to "Install from Local Directory", set c:\cygwin again, and ran through. Cywin installed those packages, but now, instead of getting the bash error message, bash launched but couldn't find anything. Even ls didn't work.

Suspecting a path issue, I ran setup.exe once more, this time changing "Install For" to "All Users (RECOMMENDED)". I think Dell had changed that setting, too. I ran through the process and this time, I closed all cygwin windows before running setup.exe. When I finished with setup.exe and launched cygwin again, it worked.

OK. Next time, I'll use a virtual machine.

(The software does have a Linux version, but that started to choke when I pointed it to my MySQL installation and I just couldn't be bothered to try to debug it.)

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