28 September 2009


Continental Airlines Flight CO 3160 on a bus in coach class

I'm wondering if I can get the computer to suggest something even weirder.


  1. Well, buses are fun - you get to, um, sleep next to hobos.

    By the way, after hours of searching, your site finally came up on Google as a good way to decrypt WEP keys without WirelessKeyView, which has never worked for me. Just one problem: my system administrator has policies in place to prevent Python installing - he's kinda a jerk. So I was wondering. Could you please decrypt this for me?


    I need this to correctly configure my new Ubuntu and Fedora installations, my router's page is going nuts and Aircrack isn't compatible with my card.

    Your latest subscriber,
    Zack Fulpington

  2. Glad you liked the post. Unfortunately, there's no way I can decrypt the key for you -- the decryption requires keys that are present only on your computer. Good luck.


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