21 September 2009

Windmill Testing Framework == AWESOME

The Windmill Testing Framework was written by the Open Source Applications Foundation (of Chandler and Dreaming in Code fame) is simply awesome. Not only was the project easy to install and fairly easy to start working with, not only were the people on the IRC channel really helpful, but, after I wrote my tests in Firefox on Linux, I switched to Internet Explorer on Windows and ran them all...without changing a thing.

Actually -- that's not exactly true -- I had to adjust the waitForPageLoad timeouts upwards to account for my currently-slow Internet connection and some caching issues inside my code. But besides that, I was stunned by how easy it was to switch browsers (which is the whole point of automated testing, anyway).

It was a little difficult to get started, because (a) the documentation for Windmill is a bit sparse; it's a fairly new project and (b) it wasn't obvious to me what the Right Way to set up test cases was. You can save the tests as Python or JavaScript; you can run the tests from the command line, or, it appears, within the browser by serving static .js files from your server. I haven't tried the latter cases; I saved the tests in Python and run them from the command line. They work great. Windmill even has Flash integration in the works. I hand-hacked my Flash integration by providing ExternalInterface hooks that I call from Windmill to assert various things about the state of the Flash, but I'm looking forward to see theirs in the next release.

One note: when you install Windmill, ez_setup might complain about a syntax error. This is probably fixed by now, but the IRC channel people advised me that it could be safely ignored -- the file in question isn't currently used.

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  1. I can't restrain myself from calling you a (well-dressed) NERD.


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