05 February 2010

Convenience is worth a thousand megapixels

I was just looking through my camera's memory card. I realized how much easier fancy phones can make sending photos.

"Old" workflow:

1) Plug memory card directly into Thinkpad T61 (no USB dongle, fortunately). Check dmesg to
see if it recognized it. Good. I can save 5 min. fiddly with lsmod and rmmod and modprobe.

2) sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt/tmp/

3) cd /mnt/tmp/DCIM/102_FUJI

4) Look around with gqview. What do I call these? Ok, how about "lots".

5) mv /mnt/tmp/DCIM/102_FUJI ~/lots1-raw
Do something else while that runs. I will eventually copy this to another server and chattr +i.

6) Oops. I wasn't root, so the screen filled up with
mv: cannot remove `102_FUJI/DSCF2313.JPG': Permission denied

7) Set paranoia bit. Do the mv again as root, then diff the folders. They're the same. Throw away the second folder.

8) Look for photos I like with gqview. Find one I'd like to email.

9) It's 5MB, so cut it down with a photo-editing program.

10) My mail runs on another computer, so scp photo.jpg other-computer:

11) Launch mutt.

12) Create a new message. Type a subject. Attach the photo. Send.

13) Throw away photo.jpg on other-computer.

14) Repeat from step 8 for any other photos I'd like to send.

Final score: Five different programs (counting bash and ssh), many mouse-keyboard switches, lots of typing, many seconds of waiting.

"New" workflow, with the Droid:

1) Take photo

2) Press the tiny thumbnail of the just-taken photo

3) press "share"

4) press "k9mail"

5) Start typing an email address. k9mail guesses the rest. Fill in the subject, press send.

6) Check every so often to see if the message went through.

Final score: Two programs, one switch (screen->keyboard), almost no waiting.

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