28 February 2010

Great moments in sysadminning

Folks, I finally retired my last SMTP server. I no longer run a server that accepts mail on port 25 (or port 527, or port 465) anywhere on the Internet. Forwarding my mail is now Someone Else's Responsibility.*

I had switched to Google Apps Premium for my business mail long ago, but continued to run my personal mail through an SMTP server. Comcast, for some reason, required me to use SMTP AUTH, and getting the password seemed like a major bother.

I discovered today that I do not actually have to use SMTP AUTH to connect to smtp.comcast.net (which makes perfect sense; Comcast shouldn't have a problem determining if mail was coming from its customers.) So I switched nullmailer to point to smtp.comcast.net.

The droid was a bit trickier. Apparently, Gmail will act as your SMTP server if you ask it nicely. Of course, I'm sure Google will keep a copy of all of your outgoing mail forever and use it to build a privacy-invading psychological profile of you, but whatever. My Droid's keyboard is too small to write anything that interesting, anyway. One problem: after I entered the settings into k9mail, k9mail was still sending mail through the old server. I shut down the old server and rebooted the phone; that seemed to fix it.

* I have high hopes, although I'm of course half-expecting to see dropped messages, long-delayed messages, weeks-long email droughts, and all of the other problems. I think the only real solution is to give up on computers altogether.

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