03 June 2010

FUSE confusion

The FUSE error

fuse: device not found, try 'modprobe fuse' first

...is misleading. You might actually have the FUSE module loaded (check with lsmod|grep fuse), but the device doesn't exist. Check for the presence of /dev/fuse. In my case, it was never created because udev wasn't running when I installed FUSE or loaded the fuse module (or possibly both). Some combination of /etc/init.d/udev start and /etc/init.d/udev stop and /etc/init.d/udev reload got udev to create /dev/fuse.

That meant that I graduated to the next peanut-gallery error:

mount: unknown filesystem type 'ext4'

(I'm running Debian Lenny, so ext4 is only supported if you ignore the dire warnings.)


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