09 June 2010

Midafternoon diversion

Result of running a word-based Markov chain text generator on the Craigslist personals:

Men seeking women:

I know you ask; me. I am a message And take control. I also like
older than me each one. I'm adventure and have a vast knowledge of
further: conversation. I would appreciate your highest goals in lieu
of a date this post is consistent actually an issue. Geographic
location open to you after a up my terrible ego jumps out more Please
be cute, woman between ish who's interested. If a normal guy on it is
easy to Hold a normal relationship with dark hair i go to plead with
the contrary.

Women seeking men:

I love to land in quincy. Hi, so I don't forget I am saying
certain to chat and I love type a friend long time with. Life
has a light brown hair, blue eyes. I love? You're not thin,
or maybe a Great day, that is this is kind, of yourself in size
work day and just be athletic is your parents, must not for
work out with photos get I Am a spider. He life I am not much
more than dwell on your my own my group or go to cook, wrestle,
go out or ROBOTS Please be greatly appreciated with you like to
be become been to all I'm one of chick this?

Women seeking women:

Someone who is just so not? I am looking; for me A the Trina Hamlin
figthing didnt want someone who has in a little experience, a person
but know me and I'll send me an unfortunate circumstance since middle
school and therefore often in College student but it's pretty hard at
least for? It is there.

Men seeking men:

Older guy here looking for if you must big jock looking for details to
travel. I'm masc or an oler guy here: and here (to party and also be
Very private very goodlooking and me beg)? I am masculine hairy fit,
maybe your hot? Wm looking to try it slow with a time, for games Yr
old asian guys interested?

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