16 December 2010

Restarting e16 if you can't use the menu

I use the enlightenment window manager, largely because I'm used to it. E16 is pretty stable, but sometimes it gets wedged and needs to be restarted. Fortunately, E retains its state between restarts. Just Mouse-3 the desktop and pick "Restart Enlightenment".

But what if E is so wedged that you can't middle-click the desktop? Suppose, say, the alt-tab menu is on the screen, hogging the focus, and won't go away? You could just kill E, but then you'd have to reopen and reposition all of your windows again.

Solution: ctrl-alt-f1 to a virtual console, log in, and run eesh, the command-line interface to Enlightenment. Like this:

$ env DISPLAY=:0 eesh

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